Monday, 2 June 2008

Best ever tv?

There was a bit of fuss recently in The Times when one of their reviewers described one Monday night as the best ever night of tv in ten years. I'd link to it but searching for 'best tv ever' doesn't really work.

Anyway, the poor tv reviewer was laughed at by all and sundry for his views. I must admit his choice of a Monday night was a bit poncey - all Dispatches, Panorama and some arts' programmes.

But he has a point.

Last Saturday night was a top tv treat, and no mistake. You can say what you like about those 'find-a-musical-star-and-advertise-the-musical-too' BBC One shows but they're good to watch, full of familiar toons and earnest new faces. And I'd Do Anything was very well made, the great Barry Humphries adding a layer of intellect to the constant Norton gags about Nancies.

So there was the final of that, with a sublime ep of Doctor Who in the middle, easily the best of the series so far. And boding so well for the next lot, as Little Mr Moffat who writ it will be in charge of the whole kit and caboodle when Russell T Ladyboy leaves.

Over on ITV1, there was the twelve-hour final of Britain's Got Talent, surely the only time in history Piers Morgan and talent have been billed together. But what a great show, reminding me why Antandec are the best presenters of live tv in the business today, looking utterly fantastic, great simple format and, yes, Simon Cowell doing what he does best. He's got three facial expressions - his "God, this is pants" face, his bored face and the double-take-look-of-shock-at-how-good-it is-after-initially-being-bored face.

He used all three over and over again. Amanda Holden only has one face, as it's been botoxed to hell, and cried slightly less than she did last year. Probably due to botoxing her tear ducts.

And what can you say about Piers Morgan? He's possibly the least likely ITV1 face ever, and joins Anne Robinson in the list of ex-journos with massive tv success to their name.

But again, a great show. The winning breakdancey boy will, er, not be the world's hugest star in my opinion, but great story and marvellous show.

And for the poncey ones, there was a repeat of Andrew Marr's peerless doc on modern Britain.

Top tellytastic night! And here's an odd fact - there were more people watching network tv in the UK (pop:60m) than in the USA (pop:360m I think) last Saturday, fifteen million alone watching Talent. And they say broadcast tv is dead.


PS: Eurovision obviously rumbles on. Dame Wogan Of Floraldance echos what was said last week on this very blog:-

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