Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The tellyblogosphere

The media interslice has had an odd time recently, specifically one blog about tv. A post with the link on it - and a mention of this here blog too - by a rather fine person of my acquaintance:-

(By the way Joanne, I am Batman. Or, rather, The Batman. You know who my Boy Wonder is too*)

Anyhoo, that TV Controller thing went on way too long. It was funny, well written and very cutting in places... but also a bit too bitter and shouty too. The allegations of bullying or anti-Semitism aren't that well founded. I understand why the charges were made but it is a bit rich of Senior Media Luvvies to complain about bullying when tv is a place replete with humungous egos (bullies), bigger-than-life personalities (drunk bullies) and highly-pressurised management (drugged-up bullies).

I just found the TV Controller blog puzzling. Mentioning real people with their real names and real jobs... then referring to the 'fictional' controller and The Youth Channel and Corporation One... hmmm. Then there are the made-up names for real people - Fifi, Perry et al - I just wonder why it wasn't either all real or all fictionalised.

OK, OK, hypocrisy alert - yes, I am self-aware enough to know I do kinda the same thing sometimes - but I've tried to be fairly consistent in naming people from my past as descriptions of who they are, and talking about current events as the outsider I am.

Luckily the guy falsely named as the author of said blog is too popular and well-liked for anyone to think he'd have written something as carping and inconsistent. He's also far too busy and clever to spend hours a day blogging.

What's that noise I can hear? It's either that hypocrisy alarm ringing again or the Batphone. Must dash...


*I mean the little fat man down where you live, as the thought of him in a red-and-canary-yellow Robin costume is just too funny for words...

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