Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Titles part 23,281

I couldn't pass up this title without mentioning it...,,2213848,00.html

Surely this is the apex of stupid programme titles. With the BBC Trust turning their ever-so-public-service noses up at F*ck Me, I'm A Wassock and the like, the days of Grab-Em-With-A-Brash-Title programme names are surely coming to an end.

Or maybe not:

A show aimed at "helping" single mothers named after a term of abuse for them. The term was made popular by the used-to-be-trendy-it's-not-still-going-is-it? gossip website Popbitch I believe. Was it used for Kerry Katona... no, hold on, that was Chipshop. The series then moves on to groups of prostitutes then paedophiles, Whore House and Kiddyfiddler Caravan. Or maybe I made that up.

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